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Switzerland from 35% SBK catalog price (see Price Lists)
Federal issues, Rayon, Helvetia sitting imperforate, Strubel Zurich Impression and Munich Impression, Helvetia sitting perforated, Numeral figure design, Helvetia upright, Universal Postal Union, UPU.
Tell boy, Helvetia Half-length portrait, Helvetia with sword, Tell Half-length portrait, mountainous, final issue to be uses up, peace stamps, crest pattern, commemorative issues, conference on disarmament, landscape paintings, automobile post offices, League of Nations, employment exchange, symbolic representations, National Exhibition, Landi, Red Cross, historical pictures, PAX, technology and landscape, postage stamps, promotional stamps, commemoratives, Europe, CEPT issues.
monuments, evangelists, special stamps, special postage stamps, portrait stamps, architecture and crafts, traditions, signs of the zodiac, mail transport, Human and professional, animals, duration stamps, joint issues, stamp booklet issues, pictures of Switzerland, souvenirs, embroidery, tourism, Christmas stamps, insects, minerals, medicinal plants, Alinghi, comics, fairy tale, design classic, UNESCO, Wood stamp, Roger Federer, old fruits, native birds, vegetable flowers, mushrooms, railway stations, Year sets.
Postal automation
Machines stamps, ATM, Frama stamps, Postal automation, Roles stamps, Webstamps, Tête-pêche pairs, Stamps of different denominations conneted, Tête-pêche pairs with gutter between, stamps connected with gutter between, stamp booklets.
Issue of charity stamps
Flight donation vignette, air post stamps, Pro Aero, Pro Juventute, Pro Juventute with tabs, Pro Juventute stamp booklets, day of the stamp, Federal celebration stamps, Pro Patria, Pro Patria booklets, Federal celebration postal cards, 1. August, surcharge issues, Charity stamps with added value.
Official stamps
IKW DI, War Board of Trade, General Administration DII, SDN DIII, League of Nations at Geneva, BIT DIV, International Labour Bureau at Geneva, BIE DV, International Bureau of Education at Geneva, OMS DVI, World Health Organization at Geneva, ONU VII, United Nation Organization, European Office at Geneva, OIR DVIII, International Refugee Organization at Geneva, OMM DIX, World Meterological Organization at Geneva, UPU DX, Universal Postal Union at Bern, UIT DXI, International Telecommunication Union at Geneva, OMPI DXII, World intellectual Organization at Geneva, IOK DXIII, International Olympic Commitee IOC.
Remaining issues
Postage Due stamps, Franchise stamps, Franco labels, Telegraphe stamps.
Cancellations and special areas
Swiss cancellations news, Regular date cancellations, Advertising date cancellations, Special date cancellations, Special cancellations used abroad (Exhibitions), temporary cancellations, Railway post cancellations, Swiss Novelty Issues, Swiss specialties.
Mint, Cancelled, FDCs, Full cancellation, First Day Full cancellation, variety, single stamps, sets, series, blocks, blocks of four.

Postage Stamps (more information)
We offer Swiss Postage Stamps (Stamps to use) with a discount on face value. You can choose between self-adhesive and wet-sticking issues.

Various countries
We offer a selection of stamps from UNO Geneva and Germany.

Items, Lots and Collections
In our shop we always have a variety of small items, lots and collections starting from CHF 10.-, Kilogram goods Switzerland and abroad (stamps to be replaced), country and motif collections depending on the offer

We carry a large selection of Swiss FDCs and Stamp Day stamps issues. We also tend to have a box of letters that are new received.

Rummage Boxes
We have rummage boxes for CHF 1.- and CHF 5.- each, here everyone will find a little treasure.


Well over 15000 Swiss Postcards sorted by Cantons and Towns, as well as Motif Postcards sorted by motives in stock (Product index Postcards). Among them are lithographs, light prints, art cards and photo postcards.


Stamp Catalogs (SBK, Zumstein, Michel), collectors accessories of Lighthouse / Leuchtturm (mostly on stock), Lindner on request. Cases for Cards and Letters etc., Stamp albums, system albums for stamps, letters, FDC, Postcards, illustrated albums, tweezers, magnifying glasses etc. Overview of our accessories range.

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